My Principles

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    My passion in research is when I open a door, a lot of other doors have to be opened to understand a subject to its deepest.
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    Groundbreaking projects are very fulfilling. They provide to the society what it needs right now.
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    What is science if it can't be shared? All public welcome!

My advantages


My name is Hélène Courrier. I am is a free spirit passionate by sciences and arts. Very young, I was interested in the mysteries of life, micro- and macrocosmos. My studies in chemistry gave me some answers that I wanted to apply in the health domain. I investigated research in galenic pharmacy on transporting drugs through the lungs using microemulsions of flurocarbon.

Passionate by research but also curious to discover other aspects of science, I discovered the world of information management and patents.

European in the heart, I have deal with many European projects funded by the European Commission. Originally French, I am fluent in English, Dutch and German.

I am also photographer and poet.